Z4 Interview Questions to ask a Java Developer!

This is a list of 10 basic questions you may be asked in an interview as a Java developer or may be used by a recruiter to determine their initial experience.

1. What does the private keyword mean?

-The method is accessible by no other class and package which it is defined only.

2. What does it mean if the keyword is missing from the member?

-The method is accessible by no other class besides the one in which it is defined.

3. What is polymorphism?

-Polymorphism refers to a programming languages ability to process objects differently depending on their data type or class. More specifically, it is the ability to redefine methods and shadow some of its variables.

4. What techniques do you use to minimize code in a JSP Page?

-Tag Libraries
-Beans etc.

5. What hapeens the first time a JSP is invoked?

-Gets compiled into a servlet.

6. What are the three layers of Model View Controller?


7. What Java API’s consume XML Data?


8. Name the components of use case?

-Use case itself

9. What is the Life cycle of a Servlet?

-Server loads and initiates servlet

10. What are the benefits of layering?

-Non-coupled layers support iterative development
-Flexibility of design

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