18 interview questions you can ask a Project Manager!

Can you give me a detailed overview of the accomplishments?

Tell me about the company, your title, your position, your role, and the team involved?

What your actual results achieved?

When did it take place and how long did the project take?

Why you were chosen?

What were the 2 biggest challenges you faced and how you dealt with them?

Where did you go the extra mile or take the initiative?

Walk me through a recent plan, how you managed it, and if it was successful?

Describe the environment and your resources?

Describe your manager’s style and whether you liked it or not?

What technical skills were needed to accomplish the objective and how they were used?

What were some of the biggest mistakes you made?

What were some of the aspects of the project you truly enjoyed?

What were some of the aspects you didn’t especially care about and how you handled them?

How you did you manage others and influence others, give me some examples?

How did you change and grow as a person?

What you would do differently if you could do it again?

What type of formal recognition did your receive?

Contact Information:

Ryan Mac Donald
Senior Technical Recruiter

Saicon Consultants

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