6 important points to exercise in getting your next job!

1. Research the company, bring up different things you have learned about their company during the interview to show your interest and the time you have invested.

2. Research the people you are interviewing with, find something in common about them with you that you can bring up in the interview – Look at Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. Almost everybody is on the internet.

3. Nice Conservative suit, dry cleaned, iron a white shirt, comb your hair. If the company has a casual dress you should still dress up. Do not wear strong cologne or perfume, this is only a distraction.

4. Anticipate questions you might be asked, write these questions out and their answers and role play with your friend or spouse. This will help prepare your confidence.

5. Assemble the materials you should take to the interview. Copy of your resume, note pad, questions about the job to show interest to the interviewer and yes a pen!

6. Make sure you know where you’re going, Drive to the company location prior to the interview, look at the traffic patterns, road construction and map out the time it will take you to drive, park and be in their office 10-15 minutes prior to the interview.

If you need more help, do not hesitate to call me about your Career, Resume and if you need Interview Advice, no matter the field or industry you are in!

I hope this helps!



About us:

Saigan Technologies, founded in 1998, provides Information Technology (IT) Professional Services (Project Services, Team Services, and Staff Augmentation) and solutions to Government agencies (Federal, State and Local) and Commercial clients locally and nationwide. We offer permanent and contract openings in the Technology industry with benefits or C2C. We are looking for consultants that have strong communication skills and the ability to interact with all levels of management.

Contact Information:

Ryan Mac Donald – Sr. Technical Consultant

Saigan Technologies

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