Z6 – Questions to ask a Potential Client about job openings!

Simple Question you should always ask a potential customer!

1). Mr Client how long have you been looking to fill this job opportunity and what steps have you taken to fill this job?

2). If I found a perfect candidate today, could we get an offer tomorrow morning?

What you are looking for in question 1 and 2, you will get a variety of different responses, but this will help you identify if the job is real.

3). Can you describe the environment / Culture this person will be working in?

4). What is the career path from this role in your company?

Questions 3 and 4 will help your recruiters better identify the personality of the candidate that will fit in this role.

Keep in mind your time is valuable and if the client is not willing to move forward quickly than perhaps they do not have the sense of urgency or a real need to fill their opening.

This is only a few of many important questions and steps you should take with each client!

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