Z8 – Middle Management versus Corporate Brand

Someday you wonder why upper management and or owners of companies, are so out of touch with what their middle managers are doing to to the company image, brand and how this affects the production of the company. The Middle Managers management style and approach can be the death blow to the company they represent, when these managers take the wrong approach or not following the brand philosophy that has been laid out for all employees to adhere or perhaps they do not know what the approach should be.

-These middle managers hire average people and get average results, as they are insecure with their ability and very often have been promoted beyond their capability and would never hire somebody better then them. (Peter Principle)

-These same middle managers find ways to keep the good people, from coming to the company they represent, as they are worried about their own job and somebody taking it from them, in reality they should surround themselves with the best people they can find.

Not to mention the good people who have left the company will make sure that the other good people, they know in the market or looking will give them the insight of who this person is and why to avoid them. Not to mention once you have branded yourself good or bad, it is hard to go back.

-These same middle managers lack the ability, to even perform the job or the expectations, that they expect from the people below them.

-They hide their lack of ability to manage, by getting the focus of upper managements attention, on someone else on their team for lack of production, when in itself, the blame lies with their lack in ability and education.

-This middle manager does the complete opposite of what the owner, board or upper management, of an organization expect in the image or brand that has been laid out in a business plan. These are the same people who do not want to implement new ideas because they lack the flexibility to look at other ideas or they wait a few months down the road and then implement the those same ideas the team has brought forth and claim them for their own.

-If upper management, owners or board members of companies would do the analysis and dig for the facts, mistakes or the lack of production within a team and what has impacted their company image, they would really find a middle manager that has done a lot of damage to their company.

Finally, with Social Networks and the easy access to thousands of people a company can not afford to have this kind of image portrayed and communicated by a middle manager that does not have the best interest of the company in their mind.

Employees that have left or been fired, but worse somebody that is with the company, can now reach out and bring to the attention to thousands of people of how poor of quality this company has become and the middle manager to avoid. You would think Upper management would talk to their current and ex employees and do a little research on what really is the issue at hand.

Seems like this middle manager has produced some job security. Mark my word, it will catch up with them or perhaps it already has, these are the same people that are always looking for a job or have hidden their self in a organization that has no idea of what they are doing!

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