How you should treat your recruiter!

Guidelines to your approach with your recruiter.

1. You can never call them to much.
2. They are there to help you with your career and find you a job, be nice.
3. Provide them with the information the need in a timely matter or tell them you are not interested.
4. Do not do anything that would jeopardize your ability to be employed in the future, databases never forget.
5. If a recruiter spends enough time to talk with you and understand your needs, their time is valuable, do not be afraid to tell them no or what you really want in your next career change.
6. If a recruiter asks you to get back to them, get back to them, do not make them call you again. By doing this you could jeopardize your chances of interviewing with their client, as they are measuring your character as a candidate.
7. If you set an appointment with your recruiter to discuss potential jobs, keep the appointment, do not reschedule because you have a interview with another company or recruiter. Remeber they are your partner to help you find your next career.

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Senior Technical Recruiter

Saicon Consultants

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