3 things you should do to prepare for the interview – Write down your accomplishments!

Reviewing your accomplishments will help you in your next interview and relate your ability when interviewing for a new opportunity as described in the job opening. This is also a good way to review what you do well and if the job is a good fit for you.

1). Think about specific accomplishments you would use to best demonstrate your proficiency for each requirement of a job, write this out and review, so you can convey it in an upcoming interview.

2). Write down all of the details in relation to 3-4 projects, names of people worked with, dates finished, challenges encountered, and key metrics involved.

3). You will need to know this stuff off the top of your head when the people that do the interviews start asking you about specifics, time to prepare and review is not in the interview it is in advance of the interview, so you come across confident and clear.

If you ever need any help preparing for a interview no matter the field, you are more than welcome to call me for my help.

About us:

Saigan Technologies, founded in 1998, provides Information Technology (IT) Professional Services (Project Services, Team Services, and Staff Augmentation) and solutions to Government agencies (Federal, State and Local) and Commercial clients locally and nationwide. We offer permanent and contract openings in the Technology industry with benefits or C2C. We are looking for consultants that have strong communication skills and the ability to interact with all levels of management.

Contact Information:

Ryan Mac Donald – Sr. Technical Consultant

Saigan Technologies

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