1-10 – Questions to ask in an interview for a Business Objects Developer

1). How do you add a description to the list of values in Business Objects?

A list of the distinct values from the column or columns to which the object refers

2). What is a micro cube?

When you create data query in Business Objects, the data retrieved and stored in a Micro cube. This Micro Cube is stored along with the report and the report size will vary based on the saved micro cube. Micro cube is the kind of middle ware between report and database, data comes from database and first stored in a micro cube and the populate in reports so all the reporting calculation are based on micro cube data.

3). What are the different types of filters available in business objects?
a) Global level filter: Filter is applied at universe level.
b) Query level filter: Filter is applied at the time of creating a query in webI reports.
c) Report level filter: Filters applied on report. Filter can be block level or report level.

4). Can we overwrite the SQL query after creating the report? Can you do this in Webi?

Yes we can override SQL Query if option “Allow other users edit the Query” is enable in the Edit Query Properties. Yes you can overwrite the Query in Webi, but with restriction. Please note that free hand SQL is not supported in Webi.

5). What happens to business objects report if the cardinality is not specified?

If Cardinality is not specified then we will face error “Cardinality is not specified” in Integrity check in Universe, Cardinality must be there to propose the context for resolving the loops in universe structure.

6). Can you create alerts in web intelligence?

  • Yes all version of BO you can create alerters.
  • Yes we can create filters in WebI.

7). What is a derived table in data warehousing?

  • Advantages of derived table: It can be created using an SQL statement with complex expressions, joins and prompts which are not possible to create in BO Universe using normal approach.
  • Derived tables are somewhat like Views in the database. We can write select statement to create the table which contains more than one table and join conditions, filter conditions in their query.

8). How do you use two universes with different database connections in the same application?

Using Data synchronization. We have to merge the dimension from both the data providers in the report to generate the report using the two different data providers.

Option 2:

  • Make DBLINK between Database A & B and access both the database tables by pointing application to one of the database.
  • If you are using BO4 then you would need to make to Relational Conn. (RC) point out to required Databases and then you will able to make it Data foundation (DF) based on two source databases.

9). How can we add two universe’s?

  • In BO XI 3.1 universe designer… File> Parameters> link tab… add a universe.
  • Business Objects Designer is a software tool that allows you to create universes for Web Intelligence and Desktop Intelligence users. Designer provides a connection wizard which allows you to connect.

10). When should you use a local filter and when should you use a Global filter?

  • Local filters define at report level whereas global filters are defined at universe level.
  • Local filter apply on particular report (one table), global filter apply the entire table in one tab.

11). What is #Multivalue and #syntax error?

  • Multivalue error will occur when more than one row comes for one cell. to avoid this issue you have to use Min (), or Max () as per your requirement. Syntax error will occur when available improper formula used in the report.  so you have to correct it first.



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