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#ProcessAdvisor job opening in Ft. Belvoir, VA – #SecurityClearance job

This person will provoide Technical Analysis, with 6-7 years of Experience
DAU Level III certification in SPRDE, or the civilian equivalent, is preferred.

A combination of a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Systems Management, Business Management, or a related discipline, DAU Level III certification in SPRDE, and ten (10) years of experience may be substituted for a Master’s Degree or DVM.


Shall provide scientific and technical support during the development or transfer of new biologics and other medical technologies. Shall assist in determining strategic direction of the project office by proposing and implementing actionable strategies to address critical issues. Shall review pertinent correspondence and related documents for scientific and medical content, and evaluate all aspects of the clinical study protocol. Additionally, shall provide insight on current good laboratory and manufacturing processes, as well as the following FDA requirements: Animal rule application and implementation, Investigational New Drugs (INDs) and biologic license application (conformance to new drug regulations and the submission, approval, and licensure process), Preparation for and conduct during Type A, B, and C meetings, Qualification of drug development tools.

Contact Information:

Ryan Mac Donald
Senior Technical Recruiter

Saicon Consultants

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